Would be also interesting to define DevSecOps in this context, which seems to be a relatively new concept.

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Hi @Alex Xu

Could I use the DevOps->SRE-PE diagram in my blog article? Thx.

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# Correction


- The domain name and port, separated by a period (.)

+ The domain name and port, separated by a colon (:)

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Hi Alex, great content. Would love to do a guest post about DevSecOps and shifting left concepts. I’m a FANG security EM.

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Seriously if they are begging for money and VC bailed it means its a broken model. Think about it, how many regular people are paying per writer $5 to $10 per month? Not enough apparently and the next thing they will introduce is advertising which is 1million times worse. This monetization model is for elites, elite writers and elite readers who can afford to pay to "benefit" from their writing. Its not Twitter but its just as elitist as Twitter and will devolve into the same mess and control mechanism.

Go check out web3. Go check out crypto. Go check out the MVP of my solo hobbiest project "dplatform.me" The next platforms will be web3, crypto, micro-transactions, and governed by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) or no one

The future is decentralized!

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