Hey Alex! I love your posts and how you write. In this one specifically, I understand that the idea was to leave something summarized, but as a suggestion for the next one, you could go deeper into non-functional requirements that are important for this decision, as well as the CAP theorem

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Great article as always, I just want to point out a couple of things:

Elasticsearch is so much more than just search. Today it also offers Security and Observability (think Logs, Metrics and Traces). That's why Elastic (the company behind Elasticsearch) was recently re-branded to "The Search Analytics Company". Spoiler, I work at Elastic.

If you (or any of your readers) want to learn more about SQLite and how it can be used to solve your data analysis problems take a look at my article https://cloudnativeengineer.substack.com/p/easy-data-analysis-for-busy-software-engineers.

Alternatively if you want to learn more about Elasticsearch I wrote the following articles:

- https://cloudnativeengineer.substack.com/p/ep-11-elasticsearch-development-environment

- https://cloudnativeengineer.substack.com/p/elasticsearch-ignore-malformed-the-antidote-for-mapping-exceptions-ddfa446c2ce5

- https://cloudnativeengineer.substack.com/p/ep-1-reroute-processor-for-elasticsearch

Thanks again for your insights.

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