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Kind of curious about the questions in LB section. Here is my thought

- Which algorithm is most popular?

I think maybe round robin or hash.

Round robin seems very simple to implement and maintain. If the overload of requests are normal distribution, round robin should get pretty event server loading across clusters.

Hash is quite useful if people want some requests go to the specific servers. It could achieve sticky session like functionality (same client go to same server) but with more flexibility (choose different attribute). The problem maybe is the hot key issue and distribute overload unevenly.

- We can use other attributes for hashing algorithms. For example, HTTP header, request type, client type, etc. What attributes have you used?

I think i would choose IP or specified header.

Choosing IP is because same IP means same client most of time. Then same client go to same server could benefit from local cache hit.

Choosing specified header is quite the same idea. I have set specific header and using AWS ELB target group rules to let some users go to the special target group. I can debug or control the behaviors.

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Very informative article! I enjoyed reading it, thank you very much.

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How about geographic/proximity based load balancing?

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Thank your post!

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Great Post!

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