Thanks super work as usual!

I would be interested in having a feedback on the API Design for the cases resources cross reference ( GET /carts/123/items/321) and add item to cart (POST /carts/123/items:add) .

What is your opinion on having a flat API instead of the nested one you propose?

* Create one item POST/items

* List cart items GET /items/&cart=123

* Retrieve item X GET /items/321

In past I tried nesting resources but it gets quick;y messy and leads to code with higher coupling.

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I wonder how it would work in case if the cart id already contained a colon, i.e. consider the following URL: /types/my:type, it already contains colon in type name, thus using ":add" verb might create some ambiguity

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Thanks, Alex!

I've never saw a pattern like `POST /carts/123/item:add`. Why not `POST /carts/123/items`?

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Great read with insightful information that enlightens the mind. Recently I tried my hand at some tech writing, AI is coming and I thought I’d put together a rounded article—would love your eyes and insights 😊 https://tumbleweedwords.substack.com/p/ai-enters-our-everyday-reflections

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