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I think using HTTP to describe API is quite misleading, even thought a service can provides one of their APIs throught HTTP, especially "3. Typically consists of endpoints, requests, and responses.".

If I would try to describe API it would be "a contract exposed by an application/library as a layer to their internal, managed components".

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These digestable explanations are great, keep them coming... I'm sure they are helping lots of people untangle complex topics.

I've love to see an update to the API testing list to include API Contract Testing (inc Consumer-driven Contract testing) and API Policy Testing. At the moment it looks like "app testing" approaches renamed as "API testing" approaches.

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@Alex Xu: I really like the way you are writing your blogs to prove time and again that "Picture worth more than a thousand words", with your recent "animated pictures" things even got better. Could you please share how /which tools you are using for the diagrams?

You are the best, I really appreciate for what you are doing. Way to go!

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Great work @Alex! What tools do you use to make the charts and visual view?

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