The author has mixed up the programming paradigms. I would like to provide a brief explanation:

We have two general programming paradigms:

1. Imperative programming:

Imperative programming is a programming paradigm that focuses on describing computations as a sequence of statements that change the program's state. It emphasizes explicitly specifying the steps and control flow to achieve a desired outcome.

There are subtypes of this paradigm that include the following:

- Structured Programming

- Procedural Programming (Enabled by Structured programming)

- Object-Oriented Programming (An extension of Procedural programming)

- Functional Programming (Limited imperative aspects)

2. Declarative programming:

Declarative programming is a programming paradigm that emphasizes describing what the program should accomplish without specifying the exact steps to achieve it. It focuses on expressing relationships, constraints, and rules. Declarative programming languages provide a higher level of abstraction and allow the programmer to define the problem rather than the solution.

Some types of programming follow this paradigm. For example:

- Functional Programming (Haskell, Lisp, etc.)

- Database Query Languages (SQL)

- Markup Languages (XML, HTML, etc.)

- Logic Programming

- Other Domain-Specific Declarative Programming (CSS, Regular Expressions, etc.)

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Isn't LSP saying the opposite?

If the subclass could be substituted by the base class, why would you need the subclass in the first place?

"if S is a subtype of T, then objects of type T in a program may be replaced with objects of type S without altering any of the desirable properties of that program" - Wikipedia

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You are right. I think the author made a mistake. You shouldn't be able to substitute a subtype with its supertype because the subtype is always more specific, while the supertype is more general. If we were able to substitute a subtype with its supertype, we would have errors in our code because the code would attempt to perform operations on the supertype that are only supported by the subtype.

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What tool was used to draw the pictures in the article

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