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EP 39: Accounting 101 in Payment Systems

EP 38: Where do we cache data?

EP37: Process vs Thread

EP36: Types of Databases and Use Cases

EP35: What is Kubernetes

EP34: Session, cookie, JWT, token, SSO, and OAuth

EP33: Twitter Architecture 2022 vs 2012

EP32: REST vs. GraphQL

EP31: Super High-performance NoSQL and MQ

EP30: Why is PostgreSQL the most loved database

EP29: Online Gaming Protocol

EP28: The Payments Ecosystem. Also...

EP27: Stack Overflow Architecture. Also...

EP26: Proxy vs reverse proxy

EP25: How Apple/Google Pay handle card info. Also...

EP24: Environment-friendly languages. Also...

EP23: How to choose the right database? Also...

EP22: Latency numbers you should know. Also...

EP21: Is HTTPs Safe? Also...

Why is RESTful API so popular?

EP20: How SQL works under the hood. Also...

EP19: live streaming, visa payment, Redis and more

EP18: Build a chat application. Also...

EP17: Design patterns cheat sheet. Also...

Diagram as Code

Ep 16: Design Google Places/Yelp. Also...

EP15: What happens when you swipe a credit card? Also…

EP14: Algorithms you should know for System Design. Also...

EP13: TCP or UDP for Zoom? Also...

How to learn payments?

EP 12: Diagram as code

EP11: New System Design YouTube channel

Algorithms you should know before you take system design interviews

EP10: What do WhatsApp, Discord, and Facebook Messenger have in common?

Message Queue and NoSQL with 10x Performance Boost

EP9: Retry patterns

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What are database isolation levels (Episode 8)

System Design PDFs

What is SSO (Episode 7)

ByteByteGo Newsletter and You

How does HTTPS work? (Episode 6)

Interview question: Design Twitter (Episode 5)

How to design Google Docs (Episode 4)

Flowchart of how slack decides to send a notification (Episode 3)

Orchestration and choreography

How to design a secure web API access for your website?

System Design Interview Books: Volume 1 vs Volume 2

How does Amazon build and operate software?

Flowchart of how slack decides to send a notification

Large scale deduplication (Episode 2)

How to avoid crawling duplicate URLs at Google scale

System design interview tip: Don’t optimize prematurely

What are the differences between Virtualization (VMware) and Containerization (Docker)?

Which cloud provider should be used when building a big data solution?

Why is a solid-state drive (SSD) fast

AWS lamda, HTTP 1.0 -> HTTP 1.1 -> HTTP 2.0 -> HTTP 3.0 (QUIC), How to scale a website, DevOps books (Episode 1)

How does AWS lambda work behind the scenes?

HTTP 1.0 -> HTTP 1.1 -> HTTP 2.0 -> HTTP 3.0 (QUIC)

How to scale a website to support millions of users?

HTTP Request Methods PDF

Why is Kafka fast?

SOAP vs REST vs GraphQL vs RPC

How do modern browsers work?

Redis vs Memcached

Optimistic locking

Latency and consistency tradeoffs for data replication

Cache miss attack

How to diagnose a mysterious process that’s taking too much CPU, memory, IO, etc

Top caching strategies

How to upload a large file to S3?

Why is redis so fast?

SWIFT payment messaging system

At most once, at least once, exactly once

Vertical partitioning vs horizontal partitioning

How does CDN work?

Erasure coding

How does foreign exchange work from the system's perspective?

S3-like storage system

Storage systems overview

How does the Domain Name System (DNS) lookup work?

What happens when you type a URL into your browser?

How to implement read replica pattern

Read replica pattern

Design Google maps

8 Data Structures That Power Your Databases.

Design Gmail

Push vs pull in metrics collecting systems

Money movement when you buy a product online

Painful payment reconciliation

Choose the right database for metric collecting system

Metric monitoring

Payment reconciliation

Which database shall I use?

How to avoid double payment?