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EP92: Top 5 Kafka use cases

EP91: REST API Authentication Methods

6 More Microservices Interview Questions

EP90: How do SQL Joins Work?

7 Microservices Interview Questions

EP89: What does ACID mean?

Why the Internet Is Both Robust and Fragile

EP88: Linux Boot Process Explained

Unlock Highly Relevant Search with AI

EP87: ByteByteGo System Design Course Black Friday Deals

EP86: CAP, BASE, SOLID, KISS, What do these acronyms mean?

Does Serverless Have Servers?

79 Engineering Blogs To Level Up Your System Design Skills

EP85: Like LeetCode, but for improving debugging skills

A Crash Course in Docker

Shipping to Production

EP84: Top 12 Tips for API Security

Kubernetes: When and How to Apply It

EP83: Explaining 9 Types of API Testing

A Crash Course in Kubernetes

EP82: Open-sourcing Over 100 Byte-sized System Design Concepts

Redis Can Do More Than Caching

EP81: How Companies Ship Code to Production

The 6 Most Impactful Ways Redis is Used in Production Systems

The Tech Promotion Algorithm: A Structured Guide to Moving Up

EP80: Explaining 8 Popular Network Protocols in 1 Diagram

No More Vendor Lock-In? The Rise of Sky Computing

Sessions, Tokens, JWT, SSO, and OAuth in One Diagram

A Crash Course in DNS (Domain Name System)

EP78: How to Crack Any System Design Interview

A Crash Course in Redis

EP77: My Recommended Materials for Cracking Your Next Technical Interview

Why is Kafka so fast? How does it work?

EP76: Netflix's Tech Stack

How to Choose a Replication Strategy

EP75: How Does A Password Manager Work

Data Replication: A Key Component for Building Large-Scale Distributed Systems

EP74: The Evolution of AWS Services

Common Failure Causes

EP73: Cheat sheet of different databases in cloud services

How to Choose a Message Queue? Kafka vs. RabbitMQ

EP72: OAuth 2.0 Explained With Simple Terms

Why Do We Need a Message Queue?

EP71: CI/CD Pipeline Explained in Simple Terms

Database Indexing Strategies - Part 2

EP70: Cloud Services Cheat Sheet

"I Was Under Leveled!" — Avoiding the Tragedy of Making Only $500k a Year

EP69: Explaining JSON Web Token (JWT) To a 10 Year Old Kid

Network Protocols behind Server Push, Online Gaming, and Emails

EP68: Top architectural styles

The Foundation of REST API: HTTP

EP67: Top 9 Microservice Best Practices

Database Indexing Strategies

EP66: Comparison of URL, URI, and URN

Capacity Planning

EP65: What Is A Webhook

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About TCP But Too Afraid to Ask

EP64: How to improve API performance

Network Protocols Run the Internet

EP63: Linux file system explained

Rate Limiter For The Real World

How to Build a Smart Chatbot in 10 mins with LangChain

EP62: Why Does Google Use Monorepo?

Rate Limiting Fundamentals

EP61: The journey of a Slack message

API redesign: shopping cart and Stripe payment

EP60: Netflix Tech Stack - Databases

Design Effective and Secure REST APIs

EP59: 90% Cost Slash: From Serverless to Monolith

Mastering the Art of API Design

EP58: 10 Key Data Structures We Use Every Day

Key Steps in the Database Selection Process

EP57: How ChatGPT works technically

Factors to Consider in Database Selection

EP56: System Design Blueprint: The Ultimate Guide

Understanding Database Types

EP55: Data Structures Used In Daily Life

Password, Session, Cookie, Token, JWT, SSO, OAuth - Authentication Explained - Part 2

EP54: Cache Systems Every Developer Should Know

Password, Session, Cookie, Token, JWT, SSO, OAuth - Authentication Explained - Part 1

EP53: Design effective and safe APIs

A Crash Course in Caching - Final Part

EP52: DevOps vs. SRE vs. Platform Engineering

A Crash Course in Caching - Part 2

EP 51: How does DNS work?

A Crash Course in Caching - Part 1

EP50: Visualizing a SQL Query

From 0 to Millions: A Guide to Scaling Your App - Final Part

EP49: API Architectural Styles

From 0 to Millions: A Guide to Scaling Your App - Part 3

EP48: Debugging Like A Pro

From 0 to Millions: A Guide to Scaling Your App - Part 2

EP47: Common Load-balancing Algorithms

From 0 to Millions: A Guide to Scaling Your App - Part 1

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EP 44: How does ChatGPT work?

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