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The Scaling Journey of LinkedIn

EP113: AWS Services Cheat Sheet

API Security Best Practices

How Slack Built a Distributed Cron Execution System for Scale

Cloudflare’s Trillion-Message Kafka Infrastructure: A Deep Dive

EP112: What is a deadlock?

A Crash Course in GraphQL

How Facebook served billions of requests per second Using Memcached

EP111: My Favorite 10 Books for Software Developers

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HTTP1 vs HTTP2 vs HTTP3 - A Deep Dive

100X Scaling: How Figma Scaled its Databases

EP110: Top 5 Strategies to Reduce Latency

Unlocking the Power of SQL Queries for Improved Performance

How to Execute End-to-End Tests at Scale

EP109: Top 6 Tools to Turn Code into Beautiful Diagrams

What Happens When a SQL is Executed?

How Uber Built Real-Time Chat to Handle 3 Million Tickets Per Week?

EP108: How do we design a secure system?

A Crash Course in API Versioning Strategies

How PayPal Serves 350 Billion Daily Requests with JunoDB

EP107: Top 9 Architectural Patterns for Data and Communication Flow

Embracing Chaos to Improve System Resilience: Chaos Engineering

Reddit's Architecture: The Evolutionary Journey

EP106: How Does JavaScript Work?

A Crash Course in CI/CD

Evolution of Java Usage at Netflix

EP105: The 12 Factor App

A Crash Course in IPv4 Addressing

How Uber Uses Integrated Redis Cache to Serve 40M Reads/Second?

EP104: How do Search Engines Work?

A Brief History of Scaling Netflix

EP103: Typical AWS Network Architecture in One Diagram

15 Open-Source Projects That Changed the World

A Deep Dive into Amazon DynamoDB Architecture

EP102: Encoding vs Encryption vs Tokenization

The Top 3 Resume Mistakes Costing You the Job

Automated Bug Fixing at Facebook Scale

EP101: Top 3 Things You Should Know About Webhooks

How Video Recommendations Work - Part 1

EP100: Polling vs. Webhooks

How to Design a Good API?

A Brief History of Airbnb’s Architecture

EP99: What is the best way to learn SQL?

Virtualization and Containerization: Which one to pick?

EP98: GitOps Workflow - Simplified Visual Guide

How do We Design for High Availability?

A Crash Course in P2P

EP97: 10 Good Coding Principles to Improve Code Quality

Good Code vs. Bad Code

EP96: A cheat sheet for system design

Mastering Design Principles - SOLID

EP95: Linux File System Explained

A Crash Course in Networking

EP94: REST API Cheatsheet

Netflix: What Happens When You Press Play - Part 2

How Discord Serves 15-Million Users on One Server

EP93: Is Passkey Shaping a Passwordless Future?

Netflix: What Happens When You Press Play?

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